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Gold Wing Motorcycle Accessories


 Gold Wing 1800 Accessories

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18REAR.JPG (37275 bytes)

New: Brake Dancer: The Brake flasher that was so popular on the 1500 is now available for the 1800, this unit consists of two piece, a timer and an electronic flasher for a quicker flashing sequence, it'll flash all four lights (actually six, there's two each side on the trunk) in any one of three combination you choose when you wire it in. Units are now pre wired together, installation not difficult if you have knowledge of electrical wiring, easy to follow instructions, all wiring done under trunk. Flashes 6 to 8 times and locks on steady, reapplying brakes repeats the sequence. 3 year guarantee. ( only suitable picture, trying to set up video)  



Ffendlites.jpg (9059 bytes)

New: Front Fender Lights, LED Lights, Easily installed, no drilling, 8 Amber lights each side.Reg. $59.95, seduced to $39.95


18shldrt.jpg (40469 bytes)

Rain Shields: Keeps cold air and road spray off feet, easy snap-on style, in clear Polycarbonate, installs on bottom of case guard.   

Now available for the 06 model, These Shields deflect the cold air down for warmer air from the heat vents, without these the cold air from under the case guards cancel out most warm air from the vents, easy clip on, all poly construction, no metal clips to rust and scratch chrome.


(01 to 05)

06 Model



18ChrshL.JPG (69131 bytes)

New: Now, the popular Rain Shield (foot warmer) Is available in Chrome Finish Acrylic, easily installed, just snap it on, really compliments all the other chrome.    


Hndldamp.JPG (62931 bytes)

Chrome Handlebar Dampers: Replace those dull looking ones with these sharp looking ends.


1800ALT1.JPG (20228 bytes)

Alternator Warning Light: Instantly warns when Alternator or Battery fails. Easily installed, wired to accessory terminal



18TRORG.JPG (20466 bytes)

Trunk Organizers: made of Lexan, easily installed, uses existing screws, creates two compartments for storage, These aren't cheap Acrylics that break.  





18TrMirr.JPG (28569 bytes)

Trunk Mirror: Adjustable for good viewing angle, made of Acrylic mirror, guaranteed, fastens through liner with stainless bolts, easily installed.    



18wnglt.jpg (18249 bytes)

Windshield Extensions: In clear Acrylic with clear poly hinges, adjustable, need to drill windshield, all stainless hardware.




18FENACC.JPG (13561 bytes)

Front Fender Filler/Accent: Plugs the opening and prevents road dirt from smearing along fender, made of polychrome, peel and stick inside fender.  




Chrflddn.JPG (41795 bytes)Chrfldup.JPG (44449 bytes)

Peg up---------Peg down

New Chrome Passenger Folding Pegs: Easily installed in minutes, up position adjustment, side cover easily removed. Can be used with Riser Kit below, Riser Kit shown installed, in picture,  





18NewPeg.JPG (43009 bytes)

New: All Chrome Highway Pegs, adjustable fore and aft, up and down, easily installed, lots of ground clearance for curves.  


FLBSCUF.jpg (44631 bytes)

Floorboard Scuff Pads: 

Dragging your boards and wearing them thin?, Use these scuff pads and save the boards, made of Polycarbonate, bonds to boards with Hi Bond tape. Reg. $8.95   Special $5.95




18PASSBD.JPG (28469 bytes)

Riser Kit: for passenger boards, raises boards 1 1/2", easily installed, side cover easily removed. compatible with Folding Pegs above, Chrome Finish.



  Same as above but with Scotch brite Finish (Brushed).  



18alldef.JPG (26357 bytes)Alldeflf.JPG (40359 bytes)


Fairing Deflectors: Installs under molding with furnished hardware  , all fully adjustable, to deflect or block air. In Special Instructions, Specify, Clear, or Transparent colors, Red, Yellow, Orange, Lt. smoke or Dark Smoke. Or solid colors, 01 Blue, Black, Aluminum brackets/Scotch bright finish.  Please specify color, See below for pricing




mirdefrt.JPG (32090 bytes)Mrdfclosed.JPG (40570 bytes)

 New, CAD Designed Mirror Deflector, Full width for maximum deflection, flip forward and lock for maximum air if you want it, no drilling, Fastens with high bond tape and secured with modified mirror screw, Clean looking design,  available in Clear, Lt. Smoke , Dk. Smoke, Black, 2001Blue, transparent Orange, and Transparent Yellow. Please Specify color at checkout special instructions.



18uppdef.JPG (27366 bytes)

Upper Deflectors only, fastens under molding, adjustable for cool air or deflects it. In Special Instructions specify color, colors shown above.




18FAIRWG.JPG (29244 bytes)

lower Deflectors: Installs under molding on bottom edge of fairing, deflects or brings in warm air. Aluminum brackets with Scotch guard finish, stainless screws. In Special Instructions specify color, colors shown above.




NfairdefL.JPG (72188 bytes)NfairdefR.JPG (83337 bytes)

fairdefcool.JPG (79068 bytes)fairdefwarm.JPG (85479 bytes)

New: T.A.C. system, (Total Air Control). Modified Design fairing Deflectors, concealed brackets for a cleaner look, Controls cool air and warm air separately for the ultimate riding comfort. Available in black & 01 Blue only (hardware shows through transparent colors). Mirror Deflector included.  Black in stock

$120.00 set 6pcs

18pwrsup.JPG (34555 bytes)

Isolated Power Supply: The smart way to power accessories,4 fused taps behind side panel, 30 amp relays for each tap controlled by 4 push button switches, with yellow LED "on" indicators mounted in fairing, 30 amp fuse to battery, no load on bike wiring. 5 yr. guarantee.



TRwrplpl.JPG (16148 bytes)

Trailer Isolator Kit: Now Plug & play connections, A must for hooking up a trailer, Heavy duty construction, four outputs (Brake, Tail, L&R Turn signals) Each has separately controlled 30 amp relay, ( no electronics to fail, all heavy duty automotive components), powered directly from battery, bike wires used to trigger relays, virtually no load on bike wiring, Pre wired, five wire, male & female trailer connector included, ground carried through to trailer, all soldered connections, lifetime warrantee. Pulling a trailer? check out the Brake/Directional kit below.  



18SHPEGR.JPG (31264 bytes)

Front Deflectors: front shields for road peg or highway board use, made of Lexan in Clear or Lt. Bronze (smoke). fastens with existing screw on lower cowl. Please Specify Clear or Lt. Smoke



18ChrFrshB.JPG (67584 bytes)18CHrFrshL.JPG (65603 bytes)

Full View            Left side

New: Front Deflectors now available in Chrome, From the original designers of the front shields comes another innovative idea.  Easily installed, with existing lower Cowl screw (longer one furnished). (Back side light gray)   


18SADNET.JPG (21318 bytes)

Saddlebag Nets: These nets are made ridged polypropylene, holds items firmly without sagging when closing trunk and are secured with 1/4" Bungee, all Hardware furnished, secured at bottom to prevent items from falling onto gasket seal. set of 2. Click on "Support" for installation Instructions.



18TRUNET.JPG (32453 bytes)

Trunk Net: a must for extra storage, These nets are made ridged polypropylene, and secured with 1/4" bungee, holds items firmly without sagging when closing covers, bottom of net secured to prevent items from getting on trunk seal.  Click on "Support" for installation Instructions.



GPSMOUNT.JPG (25501 bytes)GPSclsp.JPG (11613 bytes)

GPS Mount: For Garmin Street Pilot, Colormap, clips on dash, very secure, easily removed for storage, made of ABS and Lexan, black finish. Has two mounting screws in back. Limited quantity.  Will not work with a Tulsa Windshield



GPS111sd.JPG (49624 bytes)GPS111CL.JPG (12981 bytes)

GPS Street Pilot 111 Mount: Same as above, but made for  Garmin Street Pilot 111, that uses the three tab and one screw mounting. Limited quantity. Will not work with a Tulsa Windshield



GPSV.JPG (10234 bytes)

New: GPS V Mount, Same dash mount as above,  Clips on dash, with locking screw.




2610GPS.JPG (41367 bytes)

New: Streetpilot 2610/20 & 2700 series, and others that use the clip on Oval base, Dash Mount, very easily installed and removed for storage or other vehicle, retains swivel and tilt of GPS 2610 features. Base can be locked from swiveling if you choose, Limited quantities ready to ship,  (Sorry this Dash Mount does not work with a Tulsa windshield, nor does it work on the "06" and newer models 1800's  


$69.95 ea.





gps2610side.jpg (55830 bytes)

Visor for Streetpilot 2610, easily installed with Hi Bond tape.


Visor.JPG (34525 bytes)

New: Visor for GPS, fits GPS and GPS111, made of textured, black ABS. Easily installed with high bond tape. 



AntRelocate.JPG (66181 bytes)

New: Antenna Relocating Kit, designed for the 1800, Moves antenna to other side or any place you want it, 12" cable and mounting clip, Hi Bond tape and Velcro supplied, 36" cable available.


RADAR.JPG (9530 bytes)

Radar Detector Holder: Clips on dash, made of black  textured ABS, use to hold Radar Detector, Sunglasses,  



18DELPOL.JPG (29165 bytes)

Folding Flag Pole:  The ultimate Flag Pole, Includes Aluminum backrest mount, with high quality Chrome folding base, (same as Honda's antenna, but heavier duty, 3/4" round), with 8" polished Aluminum pole, and excellent quality Flag, Specify, in special instructions, your choice of American, Canadian, Rebel or POW flag, also 3/4" clear Acrylic ball or Eagle. also left or right hand. (while sitting on bike) Note: flags mounted on backrest will outlast any mounted on antenna or outer edge of bike. Lot less fluttering. Mounting shown in Support page.




1800Winglet.JPG (72842 bytes)

Winglets: Windshield Extensions, helps buffeting and deflects wind outward, in Clear only with poly hinges and stainless hardware, as with all extensions, small holes must be drilled in windshield.





Eagle.JPG (36975 bytes)

Chrome Eagle: For Flagpole or anywhere else you want to mount it, 2 1/2" high has 1/4x20 threaded stud on bottom.



AntFlag.JPG (34663 bytes)

Flags for 3/8" poles, 6x8",Best quality flag we've ever seen, Lasts for years, washable, Choice of American, POW, or Rebel, (Specify which at checkout special instructions)


AntFlag.JPG (34663 bytes)

Antenna Flags: Good quality Antenna flags, 4"x6" flag for less strain on Antenna, small o-rings included to hold flag in position. Specify USA or POW at checkout



Palmrest.jpg (37696 bytes)

Palm Rest: Prevents hand fatigue, made of  Black ABS, Also available for left hand. 







18armrst.JPG (29831 bytes)


Arm Rests: New, complete Arm Rests, Including Adapters with Chrome edges for 1800, color Black, Easily installed in less than 30 min. The Adapters are modified for you, no need to remove the seat or compartments, These Arm Rests also come with hardware for fastening through the passenger compartment (Highly recommended), takes the flexing off the trunk and makes a firmer mounting.   








18MHD.JPG (31882 bytes)

Driver Drink Holder: Mounts on either left or right side, heavy duty mount with hardware, Holder in black or lt. Gray, Specify Left or Right side for one that holds drinks more level when riding the 1800, If no hand specified, universal one will be shipped.






18MHP.JPG (23023 bytes)

Passenger Drink Holder: Mounts on seat arm with heavy duty clip, In Black or Lt. Gray, clip is clear




AMH-Popen.JPG (32347 bytes)AMH-Pcl.JPG (28227 bytes)

Drink Holder for Arm Rests, heavy duty 4" wide Polycarbonate bracket, mounts on left or right side, holds up to 4" wide cup. In Black or Lt. Gray



MHDPAcc.JPG (39539 bytes)

Drink Holder Accent: Dress up that folding drink holder with Polychrome accent, (looks like a picture but it's plain chrome), easily applied, peel & stick






Spoiler.JPG (48547 bytes)

Spoiler Controller: Makes spoiler work like the 1500, low brightness on running and full brightness on braking. Plug & Play except one wire to tie in. 




Spoiler.JPG (48547 bytes)

  Flashing Spoiler Controller: Low intensity on running and high brightness continuous flashing on braking, easily installed, Plug & Play except one wire to tie in.



Spoiler.JPG (48547 bytes)

  Limited Flashing Spoiler Controller: Low intensity on running and flashes so many times then locks on steady, You set the amount of flashes you want (from 3 to 12)with resistors provided. Releasing brakes and reapplying restarts sequence. Comes setup for approx 3 flashes. Easily installed, Plug & Play except one wire to tie in. Out of Stock 


SHINLCLO.JPG (35526 bytes)SHINRCLO.JPG (33817 bytes) Shin Guards: Made of Lexan, with Poly Hinges and Stainless hardware, Adjustable, open or close to allow or deflect air to shins from between engine head and fairing, easily installed, using existing bolt. see "Support" for installation Instructions.   



18ESCUTC.JPG (37700 bytes)18Tresc2.JPG (57957 bytes)

#1                     #2

Trunk Escutcheon: Made of Poly Chrome, applied with Hi-bond tape, never rust or pit, bonds firmly, yet removable if need be, without finish damage.




18SNAPS.JPG (12441 bytes)

Reusable Plastic Rivets: For side pockets, insert rivet, push down head to lock, pry up head to release. Sold in lots of six. 





18mirlte.JPG (19921 bytes)

  Mirror Directional Lights: (Signal Lights)   picture shown is 20 lights, but sold in pairs of 10 lights each, installs in minutes, bond it to inside of mirror housing with High bond tape, connect two wires. These are bulbs, not LED's. Overstock Special, $12.95 For a limited time.



grommets.JPG (14889 bytes)

Grommets: For chrome side cover, fat ones are round and thin ones will go oval, round ones are larger outside to prevent pushing in when installing cover. Two each.



antglo.jpg (13693 bytes)

CB Antenna Glow Lite: Easily installed, Push onto antenna tip, will glow when transmitting. (more visible at night) 




MVC-009S.JPG (12031 bytes)

Handlebar Riser Kit: I don't know about you, but after riding a 1500 for 12 years, the low handlebars on the 1800 we're killing me, I was getting a sore back after a trip, not as young as I used to be. This kit raises the bars approx. 1 1/2" at the grip end, does not close the spread of the bars, it doesn't seem like much but makes it much more comfortable to ride. easily installed, instructions included. Made of PVC, helps reduce vibrations. Doesn't effect steering geometry or wheel locking function.




MVC-017S.JPG (13233 bytes)

Handlebar Riser Kit: Same as above, but made of machined Aluminum. Doesn't effect steering geometry or wheel locking function.



\PASBDPNL.JPG (29965 bytes)

Cover behind Passenger board, Chromed ABS, easily installed.  



18fendex.JPG (18361 bytes)

Front Fender Extension: Chromed ABS, 2" longer, easily installed, Allen bolt each side, furnished. 



18Scuff.JPG (22036 bytes)

Side Panel Scuff Pad: Chromed ABS, easily installed, three screws.  




Frtcowlr.JPG (45900 bytes)

Chrome Lower Cowl, 

Easily replace dull looking original Cowl with this Chrome Cowl, These Cowls have been reinforced at the weak section, no more cracking or breaking while installing it. Out of stock


Cowl only



Fogprot.JPG (50444 bytes)

Lower Light Protectors, Easily installed with Velcro dots, available in Clear, Amber or new Lt. Blue tint. Specify color at check out special instructions or send email







Frtcowlr.JPG (45900 bytes)

Chrome Cowl with Lights Installed, complete as a plug&play installation, just switch has to be mounted, prewired, 55w halogen lights, easy installation, These Cowls have been re-inforced at weak point. Summer Special,  Out of stock



Frtcowlr.JPG (45900 bytes)

Driving Lights: The driving lights used in our cowls are now available in kit form, these 55 Watt halogens have a yellowish tint and high visibility, installs in the cowl, not on the engine, with rubber gasket around the opening making a tight seal, and are adjustable from outside, comes pre wired for a plug and play installation, includes push button switch, relay and inline fuse, and all hardware for installation with instructions. installs in any 1800 cowl.  Holiday Special sale, Reg.$89.95  







Pasbrdch.JPG (34830 bytes)

Chrome Cover on Underside of Passenger Board: Chromed ABS, easily installed, replaces that dull gray cover, looks sharp when board is in up position. 







Calipltnite.JPG (34945 bytes)

Caliper Cover Light: Replaces the reflector with these lights, amber lens,  




Sidegrill.JPG (33885 bytes)

Chrome Radiator Side Grilles: Replace the black grilles with these sharp looking Chrome ones, not as difficult as you may think to install, Instructions included.   



18ESCUTC.JPG (37700 bytes)

New: Brake/Directional Converter. Converting kit to change the outer trunk brake lights (4 bulbs) to Directional Lights and back to regular Brake Lights with the flip of a switch. useful when hooking up a  trailer and it blocks the bottom Directionals. Just flip the switch when you hook up your trailer.  


Markfill.JPG (32563 bytes)

New: Tunnel Filler: Precut foam fillers, blocks the opening through fork tunnel, prevents air and rain from coming through, almost invisible, does not interfere with steering. Pair of Left & right. Very easily installed, turn bars, push up from bottom. 



181PCC~1.JPG (44082 bytes)  

1 Pc.   

Polychrome Frame Covers: (Pat. Pending) One piece design, plastic weld cover must be removed, (very easy) Polychrome has hard coating to prevent scratching, will never rust, chip or peel, Chrome is behind the panel, easily applied with high bond tape, Web Special $29.95 pr.




3PcCov.JPG (31272 bytes)

3 pc.

Polychrome Frame Covers: (Pat. Pending) Three piece design, plastic weld cover stays on, Polychrome has hard coating to prevent scratching, will never rust, chip or peel, Chrome is behind the panel, easily applied with high bond tape. Web Special $44.95



Chrlever.JPG (40086 bytes)

New: Wide Clutch & Brake Chrome levers, replace the black levers with these Tri chromed ones, very easy to change.




TURndwn.JPG (93875 bytes)

Chrome Turn Down Tips:

Easily installed, gives back of bike a nice Finished look.



BackFendTrim.jpg (90446 bytes)

New: Back Fender Trim, Dresses up the back real nice, easy stick on application.



Chrmside.JPG (44083 bytes)

Chrome Side Stand: These guaranteed to be hardened, have one on bike, works fine.



Rpocpouc.JPG (40133 bytes)

Side cover Pouch:  Weatherproof two pocket pouch, zippered compartment, matches 1800 black vinyl, double Velcro straps fastens it to cover, specify left or right pocket at checkout.




Tnkpouch.JPG (43969 bytes)

Tank Pouch: Matching tank pouch, similar as the pocket pouches, but has single zippered compartment, single strap with Velcro fastens it to tank cover.



Chromairin.JPG (42805 bytes)

Chrome Air Intake Grilles: Chromed ABS, easily installed, peel & stick. 









18saddleacc.JPG (55196 bytes)

New: Rear Saddlebag Accents, made of Polychrome, never rust, easily applied, high bond tape.




Armpouch.JPG (35434 bytes)

Arm Rest Pouch: Same matching material as other pouches, zippered compartment, waterproof flap, easily attached either side. In or out.  



Chromdash.JPG (37005 bytes)

Chrome Dash Accent Panel: ABS, peel & stick installation, looks sharp.  Fits 01 to 05













LEDMirlites.JPG (25494 bytes)

New: L.E.D. Mirror Signal lights. I never cared much for LED's, because they were hard to see in daytime, but these new Super Bright are amazing, brighter than most bulbs and twice the brightness of any other LED's I've ever seen, ( Picture shown taken in daytime) Easily installed, bond to inside of housing, mirror can be easily removed. Color Red, or Yellow (Amber) Specify which at checkout



18LEDSfc.JPG (20863 bytes)

New: Surface Mounted LED Mirror lights, Same brightness as above, For those that would rather have them surface mounted, these Ultra Bright are also easily installed, pre-wired with connector for easy mirror removal, In Red or Yellow, Specify which at checkout. 




GWTrim.JPG (39152 bytes)

Style 1      



 Polychrome Accent: for "Goldwing" Emblem on side cover, same material as Frame Covers, Peel & Stick.


Proto2.JPG (41630 bytes)


Same as above, but different style.


FFAccent.JPG (61089 bytes)

New: Front Fender Accent, Polychrome, never rust or chip, easily applied.






18HANDWM.JPG (36101 bytes)

Hand Warmers: Made of Polycarbonate, easily installed, keeps cold air and rain off hands, mounts on bolt for levers, In Clear, Lt. Smoke, Black, and in Candy Apple Red, 01Blue Acrylic.  Specify color at checkout special instructions.





Brakeaccnt.JPG (59011 bytes)

Brake Pedal accent: For the one that has all the chrome, what the heck is one more piece, fills in the spot behind the brake pedal.







Bkmirtrim.jpg (14787 bytes)

Mirror Accent: Smooth looking, without the fingers, easy peel and stick.



Frmirtrim.jpg (10903 bytes)

Chrome Front Mirror Trim: Trims out the front of the mirror. easy peel and stick.


18Shark.JPG (25377 bytes)

New: Shark Teeth Lights, Installs in windshield panel opening, Ultra bright LED's, Cluster of 10 Yellow (Amber) LED's ( picture shows only eight). Red LED's available, specify Red on special instructions at checkout, If no color specified, Yellow (Amber) will be shipped





Whshkteeth.JPG (23775 bytes)

New: Super Bright White Shark Teeth, Same as above but with 4500 mcd brightness, white LED's,   Has plugs and connectors for easy installation.



10Shark.JPG (38396 bytes)

New: Flashing Animation Shark Teeth: A cluster of 10 Yellow (Amber) LED's continuously flash together, then slowly starts going side to side, 5 each side, then tempo increases until they go fully side to side, then slowly revert back to the all flashing sequence, fascinating to watch, also available in Red or Green.    



 Ultcolor.JPG (25902 bytes)

 New: Animated Color: Picture doesn't do it justice, (trying to get video), these are awesome to look at, constantly changing colors of Ultra Bright LED's, real attention getter






Scufflights.jpg (66150 bytes)Scuflitescl.jpg (69023 bytes)


New: Scuff Panel LED Lights, 4 LED's, (Chrome trim gives the effect of multiple lights), Red & Blue shown, but available in any combination of Red, Blue, Green, Amber or White. Compliments the Side Grille Lights above, Chrome Scuff Panels listed above.

$69.95 pr.

Timcrome.JPG (47405 bytes)

New: Chrome Timing Cover Accent: Acrylic chrome, never rust, held on with Velcro for easy access or removal, Picture shows front fender reflection, Web Special $19.95



Tankprotector.JPG (14671 bytes)

New: Overflow Tank (reserve coolant) Protector, made of Hi Impact (Bulletproof)1/8 Lexan, secured with 2" wide high bond tape. protects against any kind of road debris, easily installed, peel and stick.



Chrfueldr.JPG (16305 bytes)

Chrome Fuel Door Accent: Chromed Metal Accent, peel and stick.


FairtrimL.JPG (24871 bytes)FairtrimR.JPG (29060 bytes) New: Fairing Trim below control accent chrome, made of polychrome, will never rust, peel or chip, has scratch resistant hard coat, peel & stick. Sold in pairs. Special.


Chrtrimrt.JPG (21242 bytes)

Chrome Cigarette Lighter, waterproof, requires 7/8" hole. Now, Plug and Play, wires extended to fit the 1800, complete with inline fuse & connectors, soldered connections and heat shrunk (Lighter only)  




Bigfoot.JPG (34110 bytes)

Bigfoot: Side Stand pad, made of unbreakable 1/4" polycarbonate with rescue cord, a must for parking in soft material or fresh asphalt. Approx. 4"x5"


Gasnozl.JPG (27237 bytes)

Gas Nozzle Helper: Neat little device, holds boot up and nozzle "On" for one hand operation when filling up at those stations that have the boot over nozzle, just slip boot up and clip the helper over lump on nozzle.



CDHolder.JPG (31860 bytes)

Handlebar Mount: For CD Remote, Sunglasses (Clip on case) etc. Fits either side, complete with mounting hardware, made of 1/8" Polycarbonate.



Rockersw.JPG (11143 bytes)

 Illuminated Rocker Switch:, Color Red, larger outside bezel can be removed, requires 1/2"x1 1/8" square hole, rated 20 amp. min. @ 12v, SPST contacts.


TrLight.JPG (48136 bytes)

New: Trunk Light, Plug & Play installation, one small hole through liner for wires, very easy installation. 



Pktcovacc.jpg (69808 bytes)

New: Side pocket cover Accents, Polychrome Accents, with hard coat, never rust, both sides included, Easily applied with High Bond tape. (line in picture is reflection, & I know bike is dirty,  


Rearpocketacc.JPG (35599 bytes)

New: Rear Pocket Accents, Polychrome material accents, easily installed, never rust, better picture in the Spring.




TanksideAcc.jpg (92236 bytes)

New: Polychrome Tank Side Accents, never rust or chip, chrome is in back protected by polycarbonate face with hard coat. Peel and stick. Also available in Black Textured ABS.




Call:  1-800-671-2141 (Orders Only)