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Gold Wing 1500 Accessories



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18NewPeg.JPG (43009 bytes)

New:  Highway Peg. , mounts on case guard, fully adjustable up or down and fore and aft, All triple Chrome plated. Picture shown is 1800, but 1500 similar. Holiday special, reg. $149.95,  



1500Shark.JPG (64229 bytes)

Headlight covered for photo


New: Shark Teeth, Now the 1500 has "Shark Teeth" like the popular ones on the 1800, only a little more elaborate, because it has 20 Ultra Bright Amber LED's, Chrome Grille included, available in "Solid" (ON all the time) or "Animated" ( constantly changing sequence). (Green, White or Multicolor available on Special order.) Call 800 #






Grclovent.jpg (38370 bytes)

Cool Weather Special, Grille Closures

Easily installed ( one twist) available in Candy Apple Red, Dk. Blue, Lt. Blue, Teal, White, Ivory, Black Textured ABS, Clear and Chrome, (specify color at special instructions on checkout or send separate email). Never before at this low Price.

$12.00 pr.




15LEDoff.JPG (33428 bytes)15LEDON.JPG (36131 bytes)

LED's Off           LED's On

New: LED Mirror Lights, For 1500 Gold Wing, Ultra bright, surface mounted to mirror, available in Red or Yellow, Specify which at checkout






15Tunlfil.JPG (35199 bytes)

New: Tunnel Fillers, The Item so popular on the 1800 is now available for the 1500, tired of cold air and rain coming thru the fork tunnel, insert these fillers and block it off, easily installed, turn bars and push in place, does not affect steering, made of soft foam.



Headgrd.jpg (45016 bytes)

Head Light Guard: made of Lexan, held on with large suction cups, protects that expensive headlight.  



Flagples.jpg (44239 bytes)

Backrest Flagpole Mounts: Kit includes Aluminum mount for backrest, aluminum folding base, polished aluminum pole, topped with either Eagle (may damage cover) or 3/4" Acrylic ball, with your choice of American, Canadian, Rebel, or POW flag. Specify flag and topping in special instructions. Also left or right mount (while sitting on bike)



Folding.jpg (49900 bytes)

Folding Flag Pole: Same as above but with chrome carrier mount clamp.




LOWPRCFL.JPG (11591 bytes)

Low Price Flagpole: Mounts on Trunk behind Backrest, no drilling, comes with Black Acrylic mount, polished Aluminum pole, Quality Flag (the only ones we carry) topped with an Eagle or Clear Acrylic Ball, specify choice in special instructions at checkout, available flags, USA, POW, Rebel, or Canadian, also left or right mount ( as sitting on bike ).



AntFlag.JPG (34663 bytes)

Antenna Flag: These 4"x6' flags are the perfect size for Antennas, doesn't put much strain on Antenna, O-rings included to secure it. Specify USA or POW at checkout


sidemnt.jpg (55598 bytes)

Side Mount drink holder: Lexan bracket with folding cup holder, clips on Air Wing arm and secured at bottom with Velcro, flips up to access air controls, Bracket in Clear, Lt. Bronze or Black, Folding Holder in Black or Lt. Gray,



Clipmnt.jpg (27837 bytes)

Passenger Drink Holder: Seat handle mount, Poly clips, very sturdy, no bouncing, black, gray or bronze holder.



MHDPAcc.JPG (39539 bytes)

Drink Holder Accent: Dress up that folding drink holder with Polychrome accent, (looks like a picture but it's plain chrome), easily applied, peel & stick






pashold.jpg (17163 bytes)

Passenger Arm Rest Mount: folding drink holder, sturdy Lexan angle bracket, fastens under pouch, using existing hardware. Folding cup holder in black, gray or bronze



Foldacc.jpg (27677 bytes)

Polychrome Side Cover Accent: Easy peel and stick installation, (Accent shown behind folding peg)





Hingkit.jpg (40055 bytes)

Hinge Kit: For radio cover, keeps dirt and rain from radio, fastened to cover and inserts between radio and console. Reg. $11.40,    Special  $8.40



Maphold.jpg (39052 bytes)

Map Holder: Acrylic cover, fastened with Velcro onto radio cover, slip trip tickets or maps under, in clear or amber, radio cover must be on.



Radar Detector Holder: can also be used for sunglasses, Speed pass, Etc. black ABS, clips on dash



Handwarm.jpg (56904 bytes)

Hand Warmers: Made of Polycarbonate, easily installed, keeps cold air and rain off hands, mounts on bolt for levers, In Clear, Lt. Smoke, Black, and in Candy Apple Red, Blue and Green Acrylic. Specify color at checkout special instructions.




Airdeflctr.jpg (35378 bytes)

Air Deflectors: Acrylic deflectors fastens under mirror and fairing edge with Hi Bond tape, deflects air from hands, 4 pc. set. bronze, clear, & red.  

Also available for 1200 Gold Wing, see Misc. page



SHIELDPG.JPG (76605 bytes)

Rain Shields: Snap on case guard, deflects cold and road spray from feet, keeps feet warm, in Clear, Bronze, Dk. Blue, Red, Teal?. Specify Color & whether you have Pegs or Floorboards at checkout special instructions.   



98sh4.jpg (15825 bytes)

98 to 2000 Rain Shields: Made with Lexan, clips on case guard, deflects cold air and road spray off feet. Not compatible with highway boards or pegs that clamp to case guards. Compatible with our Toe Rests.  




Trunk Mirror: Acrylic mirror, forms a compartment in trunk, easily installed, clips furnished. 



Delmirror.jpg (37068 bytes)

Deluxe Trunk Mirror: Improved Acrylic mirror, framed and slanted for viewing without bending down.  



  Special on Deluxe Mirror,  Same as above, Problem?, Beautiful looking Mirror but the frame is White, don't like it, paint it, my loss your gain,  








Econoflash: Alternating flasher for brake lights, flashes continuously, must be wired in, instructions



Clrwing.jpg (29045 bytes)

  Wings:  Dual wings adjust individually, clean single chrome arm mounting, no drilling, fastens under pockets, longer screws furnished, available in Clear and Lt. Bronze "Lexan". and Bright Red, Bright Blue, Lt. Blue, Lt. Green,  also for a limited time, Magenta, and Teal.  






Winglet (2).jpg (60414 bytes)

"Winglets"  Windshield Extensions for 1500 stock windshield, Hinges bonded to extension,  windshield must be drilled for small stainless hardware, available in clear or Lt. bronze





Sideburns: Clear extensions, closes opening between mirror and windshield when windshield is raised, simply unlock windshield, insert sideburn and relock windshield, also holds windshield from slipping back down.  



bug1.jpg (8396 bytes)

Bug Shield: Acrylic shield deflects bugs from windshield (most of them), but especially keeps them from entering the vent in windshields, snaps in between grille and windshield panel on 88 to 94 Wings. (stock) polished Aluminum brackets for 95 +, (Chrome windshield panel) , self drilling screws furnished.  




Grclovent.jpg (38370 bytes)

Grille Closures: (Air Dampers) Blocks the escape of warm air through side grilles and forces more air out the heat vents, great for cool days or mornings. Circle can be turned to allow small amount of air to escape. Also available plain. Common sense says, take them off in hot weather or you'll get hot legs, and must be removed when cooling fans come on. In Dk. Bronze, Clear, Red, Mirrored (chrome) and Blue.  




  Grille Closure Clearance: Same as above except they were manufactured of wrong colors, Solution: paint them, they'll easily accept any spray paint, you're buying them cheap, spray them and sell them at rallies at many times over cost, complete sets with hardware, some vented, some not. you can specify color, but you may not get it if not available, Want quantity?, call or email for pricing.

$12.00 pr.



98grille.jpg (14541 bytes)

1998 to 2000 Grille Closures: Same description as above but only available in Lt. Bronze and Dk. Bronze. Also available without circle to let small amount of air escape.  




Trunkorg.jpg (31216 bytes)

Trunk Organizers: made with "Lexan". Unbreakable, higher than imported ones and turn in and lock at end. Uses existing screws in trunk, easily installed. Creates nice compartments on each side of trunk for many Items that normally get lost in trunk. Two helmets still fit in trunk.


Saddlorg.jpg (32367 bytes)

Saddlebag Organizers: made of Lexan, creates compartment in back of saddlebag, very useful to store many items, that will be easy to locate later, no emptying bag to find them. Sold in pairs.   



Clrwing.jpg (29045 bytes)

  Replacement Wings:  Dual wings adjust individually, Fits all  single chrome arm mounting, available in Clear and Lt. Bronze "Lexan".  transparent Bright Red, Dark Blue, Lt. Blue, Lt. Green,  Magenta, Teal, White . Complete wit "U" brackets and mounting hardware. Specify color in comments on checkout or send email to  





15cowl.jpg (127283 bytes)

Chrome Lower Cowl, only a few left, Reg. $69.95

reduced to $49.95 Out of Stock



Toerest.jpg (43595 bytes)

Toe Rests: Made of 3/8" Aluminum and fastens with heavy duty 3 pc. Chrome clamp. Fully adjustable up, down and sideways, for the perfect position. includes non slip pad. Fits all 1500s including 98 to 2000.  




Grommets: Butyl rubber grommets  for side covers and front fender filler, replace lost or dried up grommets to prevent loss of side covers. Sold in pack of six.



Altlight.jpg (35331 bytes)

Alternator Warning Light: In dash installation for that factory look. Solid state unit goes under left pocket and wired to accessory terminals. Socket light goes in unused socket on far right of dash beyond cruise indicator. Instantly warns you if Alternator (charging system) or battery fails. Very important to get early warning, bike MAY run for about 1 hour after failure, early warning gives you time to get to help.



Trunknet.jpg (32382 bytes)

Trunk Net: Made of Poly Net and bungee cords, fastens with Stainless ends to existing screws. (not normally used with mirror as shown). 



Saddlenet.jpg (37364 bytes)

Saddlebag Net: Made of Poly net with bungee cords, fastens to inside cover with Stainless ends to existing screws, perfect for storing jackets Etc. Sold in pairs.



Palmrest.jpg (37696 bytes)

Palm Rest: Made of black ABS, formed fit comfortably, relieves hand pain from holding throttle for a long time simply rest hand on it to maintain speed. Excellent for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ailment. Left side available also.



ESCUTCH.jpg (23537 bytes)

Trunk Escutcheon: Made of Polychrome, accents the lock, easy peel and stick application.



Spoilacc.jpg (30830 bytes)

Polychrome Spoiler Accent: For Honda 1500 spoiler, Peel & Stick, scratch resistant. 



2Pcacc.gif (142450 bytes)

Two Piece Saddlebag Accent: Polychrome, scratch resistant, Peel & Stick,  4 Pcs.   $29.95      

$29.95 4pcs.



CDHolder.JPG (31860 bytes)

Handlebar Mount: For CD Remote, Sunglasses (Clip on case) etc. Fits either side, complete with mounting hardware, made of 1/8" Polycarbonate.



Sierrabrac.JPG (25701 bytes)

Handlebar Mount: Similar to above bracket but has notch on top for holding clip on devices such as Mikes, Small Radios, Etc, mounts on either side, hardware included,In clear lexan only


Radrhand.JPG (44037 bytes)

Handlebar Mount: Angled bracket for Radar detector, Sunglasses, Coin holder, Etc. Made of 1/8" Lexan, mounting hardware included, Specify Left or Right hand mount


trunkacc.jpg (35782 bytes)

Polychrome Trunk Accent: Full piece across trunk, lock opening in center, Scratch resistant, Peel & Stick


98TRACC.jpg (57045 bytes)

98+ Polychrome Trunk Accent: Same as above with additional cutout for Goldwing name plate.



Domeacc.jpg (57045 bytes)

Dome Accent ( between dolls) for 1500 Gold Wing, made of Polychrome, never rust or chip, has anti scratch coating.

$19.95 ea.



6tap1R.jpg (27889 bytes)

Isolated Power Supply:   8 taps for accessories,  mounts on side of battery. All 8 taps turn on and off with the ignition switch, 30 Amp. main relay, individually fused taps.



4tap4rel.jpg (28509 bytes)

Deluxe Isolated Power: quality unit with four individually controlled fused taps, each tap is turned on with a 30 amp relay, separate switches (not furnished) must be used to turn relays on, no load on switches, 30 amp main fuse to battery. Mounts on side of battery.

Overstock Special, reg. $64.00  now only $39.95




FLBSCUF.jpg (44631 bytes)

Scuff Pads for Floorboards: Dragging your floorboards and wearing the edge thin? Use these scuff pads, made of Polycarbonate, pads bond easily under boards, also avoids possibility of hooking wear knobs on boards.



15switchs.JPG (13374 bytes)

Rocker Switches: In chromed ABS, mounts on brake reservoir cover.  Right side only




antglo.jpg (13693 bytes)

CB Antenna glow light: light glows when CB is transmitting. only sold with order of another product.



Bigfoot.JPG (34110 bytes)

Bigfoot: Side Stand pad, made of heavy 1/4" unbreakable polycarbonate with tether cord, a must for parking on soft areas.


Gasnozl.JPG (27237 bytes)

Gas Nozzle Helper: Neat little device, holds boot up and nozzle "On" for one hand operation when filling up at those stations that have the boot over nozzle, just slip boot up and clip the helper over lump on nozzle.


15GPSfr.JPG (66517 bytes)

GPS 111 Dash Mount: This mount works on the 1500, But, you may need the antenna relocating kit, if you have a vent you definitely need the relocating kit and the windshield has to be all the way up and you'll also lose part of the vent, the GPS sits in front of it and only allows it to open a little. ( Picture shows GPS "Streetpilot" which is same physical size as the GPS 111). Will not work with Tulsa windshield




15GPSfr.JPG (66517 bytes)

GPS "Streetpilot" Mount, same as above but for the older version of Garmin, this one has just a pad underneath and two locking screws in back (batteries come out the side). May not work with Tulsa windshield




AntRelocate.JPG (66181 bytes)

New: Antenna Relocating Kit,   Moves antenna to other side or any place you want it, 12" cable and mounting clip, Hi Bond tape and Velcro supplied, 36" cable available.


Visor.JPG (34525 bytes)

New: Visor for GPS, fits GPS and GPS111, made of textured, black ABS. Easily installed with high bond tape. 



GPS V Mount

No Picture of GPS-V yet

Same as above, but for the Garmin GPS V, The GPS is secured to mount with Velcro on bottom and locking screw in back






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