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Rain Shields: snap on under case guard, deflects cold air and rain spray from feet, in Clear, Lt. Bronze and Acrylic mirror (chrome). does not fit the interstate with scoop under case guard.



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Hand Warmers: keeps cold air off hands, easily installed, remove locknut on lever bolt, install shield and replace nut, in Clear, Lt. Bronze, Black, Blue, Red and Lt. Green



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Fork Wing: Clear Lexan deflector, mounts on forks with Stainless Clamp, deflects air around you.



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Windshield Extensions: Valkyrie Windshield Extensions, (Picture shown is on a 1500 GW, Valk. Picture coming) In clear Acrylic with Poly Hinges, Adjustable any position, requires drilling.



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Palm Rest: Made of Black ABS, self tightening, guaranteed.









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